Overcome Your Marketing Challenges With Behavioural Science

A behaviour-led approach to your brand positioning strategy and marketing plan gives you the ability to penetrate a concentrated market and improve brand value perception. Tamsin Scott, Head of Marketing at The Behaviours Agency, describes 3 key principles of their unique behavioural science model.

Their behavioural science strategy is based upon 3 key principles:

  1. Marketing is about moving people from their default behaviour to the desired behaviour
  2. Our brains don’t work by processing data, they compare and contrast with existing memories
  3. Any behaviour requires three things – sufficient motivation, sufficient means and a trigger
Behavioural science marketing strategy

Behavioural Model by The Behaviours Agency

In this article, it discusses how behavioural science has become increasingly prominent in marketing strategies and brand marketing. Such as, memorability, heuristics, psychological biases, triggers, cues, associations, emotions, motivations and many more.

The Behaviours Agency, a behavioural science led creative agency and Pimento Member, use these principles in order to create a differentiated and effective brand identity that establishes a brand positioning to dominate the market.

They have used these strategies with clients such as Sharps, Housing Units and Auto Trader. They leverage biases such as the familiarity bias to achieve brand goals. Watch their webinar below for a more in-depth look at these key principles.


To read more about the use of behavioural science in marketing strategy, brand positioning and more about The Behaviours Agency, click here.

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