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The Age of Virtual Agencies

20th October 2020 Agencies, Collaboration, People and Skills, Virtual Agency, Working Practices
Author: Pimento.
Pimento, The Orginal Virtual Agency

Virtual agency is a not a new term, but it often gets lots of questions as to what it really means.

At Pimento, not only are we a network for collaboration and support for our members, we are also a virtual marketing agency for our clients.

Within our network we have access to over 5,500 marketing professionals with skills across more than 100 marketing disciplines, with experience in a wide variety of subjects and industry sectors, often specialising in particular niches that some of the larger agency groups can’t match.

We can fill freelancer spaces right up to creating whole marketing departments for a business. This can be great for those smaller businesses who don’t have dedicated marketing resource and it can even help larger corporates fill gaps within their in-house teams.

Read more here to find out what is wrong with the old agency model, how you can choose from all the skills in the market, how to manage such a disparate group of people and how the virtual marketing agency model keeps up with the demand for speed and urgency.