The Evolving Agency Landscape Podcast

Pimento’s Founder and CEO, Stephen Knight, appeared on the ‘Word on the Street’ Podcast, hosted by Katie Street, to discuss the evolving agency landscape.

Many years ago, new marketeers were taken through a rigorous training programme that touches all areas of a full-service agency, becoming a T-shaped person in the process before having client contact. Why have we seen less of this in recent years?

Stephen explains what helps an agency find success – acquiring and keeping the right talent to help you achieve more, and cultivating a creative and collaborative approach to working with your team.

This Podcast covers

  • The evolving agency landscape
  • Becoming T-shaped where specialising is common practice
  • Focussing on international talent, not just in the UK
  • The innovation and change that’s been forced by 2020
  • Creativity and collaboration
  • How to win new clients in 2021
  • Read more

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